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Product Details

Jairam offers wide range in Polypropylene Homo Polymer (PPHP) raw material; safe and the most widely utilized general-purpose grade polymer. It is low density relative to other common plastics which translates to weight savings for manufacturers and distributors of injection molded Polypropylene parts.


  • Smooth surface
  • Strength & Shining
  • Recyclable
  • Flame Resistance
  • On-oxidizing Character
  • Chemically Stable

Category & Technical Specifications

Sr. No. Material Category Density M.F.I 10/min. 2.16 kg Filler % Std. Filter Max. Filter upto
1 PP Natural 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 0% 2×40  2×80
2 PP Ultra Color 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 0-2% 2×40  2×80
3 PP Super Color 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 2-3% 2×40  2×80
4 PP Semi Super Color 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 3-6% 2×40  2×80
5 Semi 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 6-10% 2×40  2×80
6 PP Color 1 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 10-15% 2×40  2×60
7 PP Color 2 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 15-20% 2×40  2×40
8 PP Color 3 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          12-16 20-25% 2×40  2×40
9 PP Color 4 / Chair Semi 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          14-18 25-30% 2×40  2×40
10 PP Chair Super 0.90~0.92 g/cm2          14-18 15-20% 2×40  2×40

Available Colors




Sky Blue














Note : All values are given as Provisional; it should not be considered as Product Specification / Guaranteed Value. It is advisable to ensure it before placing an order with JPI.
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Jairam Plastic Industries offered you wide range of PP, PPCP and HDPE raw materials.

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Jairam Plastic Industries is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Recycled Plastic Granules since 1989, situated at Metoda GIDC, Rajkot (Guj.) INDIA. Vast knowledge and experience in plastics & ultra modern production technology we have been scaling new heights of success. We at JAIRAM believe in Timely Delivery and Complete Customer Satisfaction. Our products have wide range of applications.

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